Dehumidifiers undoubtedly are a very helpful home equipment that you can use for reducing the humidity of the air in your house. The air is dried simply by moving it throughout a cold metal coil inside the dehumidifier, the water condenses and the producing air that is expelled is significantly drier. It’s the same principal as water condensing on the surface of a cool glass. if you are searching for the best dehumidifier available in the market then don’t hesitate to choose DELONGHI DD50P.

The Delonghi DD50P dehumidifier handles around 1,000 square feet of area. It provides a visible water collection system, and also a quiet to moderate noise fan. It is considered medium sized capacity, having the ability to pull around 50 pints of water from the atmosphere in a 1,000 square foot area every Twenty four hours.

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Delonghi DD50P Description

Delonghi DD50PHaving a dehumidifier in your home has never been easier with the DeLonghi DD50P Dehumidifier with pump. It is your choice how you want to collect the water. You can either activate the patented pump function, which continuously discharges moisture through the 16′ provided hose without having to ever empty a bucket or drain passively out of the unit with the 3′ provided hose or manually empty the collection tank when needed. Either way you choose it’s easy to monitor the water level with the frontally located transparent water tank. All DeLonghi dehumidifiers are Energy-Star qualified, so you can save on energy bills, plus they contain the refrigerant R410A. Every unit is extremely user-friendly. You can control the ideal humidity level that best suits your needs by simply adjusting the humidistat. You can also monitor the relative humidity and temperature with the easy to use LCD electronic controls. Maintenance is a snap. You just rinse the washable air filter when it becomes dirty. Additional features include easy roll castors and handles, a 24-hour timer, 2 fan settings, an anti-frost device, low temperature operation down to 41 degrees F, and tank control system with alarm.

Delonghi DD50P Features

• Save on energy bills with the Energy-Star qualification and R410A refrigerant
• You can monitor the relative humidity and temperature with the easy to use LCD electronic controls
• Just set the unit and go with the 24-hr timer
• Enjoy carefree operation with the patented pump function
• Choose the ideal humidity level that best suits your needs by adjusting the humidistat

Delonghi DD50P Review

“We have used this Delonghi DD50P dehumidifier for over a month to recover from a flooded basement. After removing the standing water, we were left with carpets and padding that were soaked thru, and humidity high enough to cause perspiration if you went down there. The unit was positioned in the TV room and I ran the long vinyl hose to the sink in the laundry room. The controls are easy, set it to pump, then set the desired humidity to — which essentially means the unit will run continuously. It took perhaps a week+ to drive the humidity below 50% given the extensive carpeting and the padding lying underneath. We did not move furniture or turn up the carpets so dehumidifying maybe took longer than it might of. But once the humidity dropped below 50% it went to 40% in another day and to 30% the day after that. We did not do bucket brigade because all the water was automatically pumped into the laundry sink. After leaving the unit off for a day the humidity in the basement crept back up to 50% or so, probably because the carpeting was still giving off moisture from underneath. So I would turn the unit on and in one day it would be back to 30% again. This was repeated a few times. The basement has now stabilized to its normal levels and things seem well. Mold has apparently not set in anywhere, and we don’t detect any obvious odors after 3 months. Reasonably fast, very effective, and easy to use gets the stars. Our single experience (running it day and night for 2 weeks and intermittently after) does not evaluate its durability. But we feel we’ve recovered the cost already, having essentially salvaged our basement property.”

By Herbert Sloop Mellecium

Where To Buy Delonghi DD50P

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